Expert Observations

“Most CSPs tackle the billing problem in one of three ways; use billing software they have created in-house to solve their unique problems, implement a standard billing component of a larger ERP system, or contract for third party software specifically designed for the needs of CSPs. In-house solutions often do not anticipate the complexities or scale of their own needs and break with the introduction of new services, or the merger of firms...TARGET is an elegant solution which we feel deserves a closer look by both emerging and incumbent CSPs.”

Marc Beattie, Senior Partner, Wainhouse Research

“It is not an exaggeration to say that we saved millions of dollars in payroll alone over the years through the efficiencies provided by the system. While our competitors had entire shifts of workers to handle their billing, Accutel’s billing department consisted of 4 people, with one person directly responsible for the billing on a daily basis. This is unheard of in a company doing tens of millions of dollars in sales every year.”

Joe Balaz, President, Mercuri Conferencing