Effortless, Comprehensive Billing

Real-time control of your billing process with the Target Billing system, whatever process you wish to implement. Target automates the entire process while still allowing full control and oversight of any part. Virtually eliminate human error and greatly increase customer service.

Bill by the second, per minute, flat rate or even pre-Paid to suit the individual Customer's needs! Our billing solution has you covered, in real time, with the click of a button. From individualized reports by the Customer. Get as detailed as your customer requires with virtually unlimited reporting. We already have most collaboration platforms and services CDRs, and can handle even custom CDRs.

Instantaneously generate invoices by department, moderator or even call with a selection of individualized billing periods such daily, weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, tailored to individual Customer needs.

Automatically send invoices and reports in a wide variety of formats to suit individual customer needs. Or can be automatically reserved for review before being sent.

Online payments, billing details and reports.

Complete A/R functionality, including accepting payments and credit card processing. Or you can choose to integrate Target instead with a financial accounting system like Simply Accounting or Sage, all the way to the major ERP systems.