Accounting Integration

Conferencing billing is a speciality that financial accounting systems are not designed to handle. The complexity is too great.

Your financial accounting system serves a important purpose, and our Target solution is designed to export or post A/R data to them automatically. Again, we know the importance of communicaton between your various IT solutions and we make that happen. We have integrated Target with small accounting packages all the way to large ERP system general ledgers.

Target has a built in Accounts Receivable system that also accepts payments and processes credit cards out of the box. You can also export the data and use your accounting packages. It just depends on your individual need and way of operating. We will examine your individual needs and provide the type and level of integration that you need. Target even integrates out of the box for a few of the common accounting packages. If you're solely a CSP shop, then this is likely what you require.

In keeping with Target's global capabilities, it handles just about any Tax requirement. From USF in the USA, tax on the tax in Canada, to the even more onerous tax structure in countries such as Brazil and India, Target has it covered.