Real Time Billing

Never have a billing back-log again. Target can create invoices as fast as the data from your collaboration platform or service comes in. Just push the "Invoice" button, and all invoices for all customers who are due to be billed will be created and ready for sending to your customers.

Pre-set billing dates are optional, not required. You may set things up that way, but there are major advantages to staggered billing dates operationally. You and your customers are free to choose.

Pre-set billing periods are optional. You and your customers choose from a selection such as monthly, end of month, semi-monthly, weekly, or daily. It's all merely a click of a button to manage.

Recreate or adjust invoices in a flash. View and reprocess CDR data at any time, Target retains all information for use and business analysyis. Send or resend invoices and reports in moments. Learn more about Invoice, Report and Data Delivery

Target is a true real-time billing system, you need to see the complete demo to really understand how powerful a diffence it will make.