Automated Invoice Delivery

Target has a built in system to send Invoices and accompanying reports such as Invoice Summaries to your Customers. Once click and every customer that is due to recieve invoices and reports, both printed and/or delivered electronically will receive them.

Invoices and reports can also be sent and resent manually. You can choose to send to all Customers, individual customers and/or departments, by dates and many other useful groupings.

The Invoices and reports can be delivered in a wide variety of formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV, and more. We can even create batch data feeds to individual customers.

Invoices and reports can be generic across the board, as well as customized for customers that require them.

Set a Customer up once, Target remembers and automates it moving forward. Customers can also retrieve any Invoices, Reports and Data that you allow from the Self Care Site we provide.

Target meets the very most demanding needs of individual Customers, while virtually eliminating effort levels to meet them.